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Welcome to Dr. K. Dhanvanthri Ayurveda Vaidya Salai

Advancement in the medical field has helped doctors today in better diagnosis and treatment.

Years ago, Vaidyas and traditional practitioners who had thorough knowledge of herbs along with expertise in Nadi pariksha (Ancient Ayurvedic technique to diagnose the health condition) were the ray of hope for patients suffering from various ailments and chronic diseases. One such Vaidya was Dr. Velayutham Pillai the founder of Dr. K. Dhanvanthri Ayurveda Vaidya Salai. He had his clinic in Madurai near to Meenakshi Amman temple.

Dr. Somasekar son of Dr. Velayutham pillai learned the art of healing in no time from his father and quickly established his own of unique style of treatment with perfect combinations of herbs and Medicines. He became quite popular among patients from nearby and far away districts. For people who believed in luck he was a magic healer and for others he was a skilled Traditional doctor. Even today people remember him in the name of Dhanvanthri for the service he has rendered to the mankind. For the ability and opportunity that the god of medicine Lord Dhanvanthri has given, he was thankful and prefixed Dhanvanthri to his son, the present-day Chairman and his successor Dr. Dhanvanthri Somasekar Karthicvel.

About us

Dr. Somasekar was a philanthropist and there were reasons behind his activities. The Hospital that Dr. Somasekar had established was near to one among the 6 abodes of Lord Subramanya and naming of his son as Karthicvel was also to express the gratitude to Lord Subramanya.

Dr. Somasekar was a satisfied person as his dreams were cherished when he found the similar potential and talent that of himself and his father in Dr. Karthicvel. He was specially trained to handle even the difficult medical conditions.

Dr. Karthicvel was admitted to an Ayurveda college bordering Kerala in Coimbatore with a purpose that Dr. Karthicvel could learn additionally the naïve Keraleeya panchakarma treatment from the Kerala vaidyas. With the already imbibed traditional knowledge on Herbs and Nadi pariksha from his father and grandfather, the knowledge on Panchakarma and Keraleeya chikitsa made Dr. Karthicvel a Complete Ayurvedic Physician fulfilling the dreams of his father.

Dr. Karthicvel is a tireless worker establishing the chain of Dr. K. Dhanvanthri clinics in around 20 districts all over Tamilnadu in lines with the dreams of his father. Dr. Karthicvel starts his day remembering his father. Many Patients of see Dr. Somasekar in Dr. Karthicvel.